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I’ve been using fluxbox for a year or two, but I’ve decided to give another WM a shot for a while.  However, just because I am trying something out doesn’t mean that I want to change my usual bindings.

I’ve been using gnome for a day or so now.  Instead of rebinding all of my application startup keys, I’ve mostly been using ALT+F2 to launch whatever I want, which is pretty effective.

Anyway, to get to the point, Gnome’s default resizing operation is ALT+Middle click as opposed to ALT+Right click (ALT+Left click is move, which is pretty standard).  In order to switch the behavior to standard, open gconf, go to apps->metacity->general and check “resize with right button.”

Unfortunately, that only works if you are using metacity instead of compiz (ie. you don’t have any fancy visual effects enabled).

First off, the compiz fix requires a slight workaround, due to a bug.  However, doing so will disable some other fairly important things (well, at least to me).  For example, ALT+F2 doesn’t work.  But, if you don’t care about that (and a few other things), here’s what you’ll need to do.

Run compizconfig-settings-manager (ccsm).  First, disable “Gnome Compatibility”.  Next, open “General Options”, click on “Key Bindings”, scroll down to “Window Menu” and change it to ALT+Button 2.  Now go to the initial screen and open “Resize Window” under “Window Management”.  On the Bindings tab, set “Initiate Window Resize” to ALT+Button 3 (if you don’t disable gnome compatibility, you can change what the fields say, but the field doesn’t permanently change, and the behavior doesn’t change at all).

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