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Yes, this is unusual for me. Yes, it is unusual. Yes, it is. Yes.
I was going from one place to another – to speed things up I swung (literally) through two restaurants, and while going through, the person I was with and I snatched some food from tables that hadn’t yet been bussed. In the second place we got in trouble, the owners came and confiscated our chicken, and offered us rice, taking the person I was with. I said that I already had rice at home. After a while I/we left. We got waylaid by some marauders or something. The person I was with went with them. For some reason, shortly after they left, I started sprinting towards ‘home’, along with Dad and someone else. On the way there, Dad prepped a revolver. The first thing I did was take my .22 rifle, directly insert a bullet into the chamber, and fire, shooting in the head (at an upward angle) a friend that was chasing us with malicious intent and had closed to a very short range along with a mob.
I did this several times; inserting bullets into the chamber and firing. I killed some, and missed others that closed and proceeded to batter me, one abusively wielding a friend of mine that had joined them. I killed my friend, but could not kill the aggressor. While this was happening, I was simultaneously beset by another enemy, a faceless one. By this time I had managed to load several bullets, but I failed to hit any critical points with my underpowered gun.
Time passed, and they disappeared. I began singing ‘As I Have Loved You’, crying over my friends as I did so. Initially I my father said that it was inappropriate and I stopped; but, he shortly changed his mind and he and my brother(?) began singing it, but I did not join in.

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