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Category Archives: Humor

Here’s a fun little pre-barbershop tune; the original lyrics are a bit out of date, but I think that the revision is excellent.  My mom found it for my quartet back in high school.

Original Lyrics:

1. My moustache is growing, its genial warmth bestowing; its beauty charms the eye of all Broadway. Come forth like a fairy so light and so airy, and ramble o’er my upper lip so gay.

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(written originally in 2003, and posted unmodified despite my impulse to do otherwise)

The day of my performance had finally arrived. My Mom picked up my three younger siblings and me from school in our new white minivan. As we drove to the community college I tried to avoid thinking about the upcoming performance and instead went over the past week in my mind.

As I had walked into the piano store Dr. Dean had greeted me with his usual, “Hello, Kimosabe Breath.” I scrunched up my shoulders to avoid the inevitable “wishbone treatment,” but to no avail. Dr. Dean jokingly gave me a Vulcan neck pinch without the release. As always he asked me if I knew why he referred to it as the wishbone. I responded that it was because I wished it would stop.

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This post contains the previously secret recipe for success when dealing with the important combination of graham crackers and milk.  As an aside, I do not accept any responsibility for any problems following my advice may cause, parentwise, healthwise, or otherwise.

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My roommates were just giving me a hard time about a few things; heating up pans on the stove and forgetting about them and making toast and then not eating it.

I really have no recollection of leaving pans on the stove within the past 2-3 weeks, and 3 of my roommates have only lived here for 6 weeks.  The fact that they have noticed the elements being left on and commented on it probably means that I am guilty of the act within the 2-3 week period.  I remember none of this, which is definitely a bad thing.

As far as toast goes, I have noticed that my toast disappears.  Just a week ago I went to eat some toast I had made the previous day, and it was gone!  Of all the things, I expect my toast to stay put until I am ready for it. Read More »