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Category Archives: Language

I’m in an Italian diction class (for singing), and as part of that I get to translate texts sometimes.

Having Spanish at my disposal is quite useful, as I can guess most things, and most things I’m not so sure about can readily be translated into Spanish.

As such, I’m not so sure that these will be useful to many, but they are useful to me.

So, first, an italian-spanish dictionary
next, the drae (Diccionario Real Academia Española)
and an old spanish-english dictionary for those words not found in the italian-spanish dictionary (deh and fida come to mind).

I was recently trying to locate a specific release of Rudolf Buchbinder’s Beethoven Sonatas 1-3, and I chanced upon some interesting downloads on musical analysis. Well, at least I think they’re interesting – unfortunately, my German is only slightly better than my Greek, so I cannot determine exactly how true this is. Fortunately, music notation is pretty standard, and other figures aren’t too hard to analyze.

Regardless, here are a couple of interesting musical links for the musically inclined.

Workbook for Upper-level Music Instruction Volume 1

Workbook for Upper-level Music Instruction Volume 2

(and I hope I did not completely botch the title translation)

The other day I attended a private banquet in the Skyroom for grad students, professors, a select few undergrads from the Math Department (and their spouses), and a visiting Professor from UC San Diego, Ronald Graham.  He is rather famous; not only is he a fantastic mathematician, he co-authored “Concrete Mathematics” with Donald Knuth and Oren Patashnik, and is also a fabulous juggler.

The events that led to my inclusion in the event are somewhat peculiar.  More than peculiar, they may be inexplicable.  As those who know me well may know, I am not heavily associated with the Math Department; to date I have taken 1 course in mathematics at BYU; calculus.

A friend of mine (David Wilcox), received an invitation in the mail.  Read More »