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Python’s imp module is a bit of a bear, but thanks to the groundwork in this thread, I got it straitened out. Here’s some lightly tested sample code.

import imp
# the path variable is optional, but possibly necessary
tmp = imp.find_module("module", ["relative/path", "/absolute/path"])
# the names of the two constants do not seem to matter
  module = imp.load_module("name", tmp[0], "path", tmp[2])

If emacs isn’t your thing, or you prefer a modern IDE (read: GUI) for development, I recommend IntelliJ IDEA.  An open-source, community edition was just released, and it is definitely worth giving a spin – I’ve been a fan since I first tried it a couple of years ago.

Being at a university where the first language taught is Java, but transferring from an institution where C++ was dominant was a bit of a pain.  IntelliJ got me through my Java-based courses.  I tried and managed with Eclipse and NetBeans for the first semester – but we were given a significant initial framework.

Enough of my praise for IntelliJ.  Let’s get started!
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Yes, this is unusual for me. Yes, it is unusual. Yes, it is. Yes.
I was going from one place to another – to speed things up I swung (literally) through two restaurants, and while going through, the person I was with and I snatched some food from tables that hadn’t yet been bussed. In the second place we got in trouble, the owners came and confiscated our chicken, and offered us rice, taking the person I was with. Read More »

Emacs starter kit:
improves advanced configuration of emacs

basic web filtering

make and receive online calls

Google Voice:
very nifty phone enhancements

(the above two can be combined to give free skype-in/out type service)

Copying virtual machines can be a little tricky – every different OS configuration can have its own quirks.

In the case of a debian installation with static ip addresses, replication is fairly straightforward, but it does have a thing or two that caught me off guard.

In addition to modifying the hostname (/etc/hostname) and ip address (/etc/network/interfaces), you have to update the mac address (/etc/udev/rules.d/z25_persistent-net.rules) in order to have your device recognized as eth0.  Of course, different distros have different files, but just grep for your old mac, and you should be fine.

I suppose this change applies equally to any time you change network devices…

Well, here I am starting up a blog.

We shall see what form it takes.  I hope it doesn’t become dangerous or deadly.