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I’ve been using fluxbox for a year or two, but I’ve decided to give another WM a shot for a while.  However, just because I am trying something out doesn’t mean that I want to change my usual bindings.

I’ve been using gnome for a day or so now.  Instead of rebinding all of my application startup keys, I’ve mostly been using ALT+F2 to launch whatever I want, which is pretty effective.

Anyway, to get to the point, Gnome’s default resizing operation is ALT+Middle click as opposed to ALT+Right click (ALT+Left click is move, which is pretty standard).  Read More »


Not many people know that I run Gentoo (a source-based linux distribution) at home. Largely this is because most people don’t care. But for those who may care, I’ve decided to explain how Gentoo is better, at least for me.

Gentoo is known for taking a lot of time to set up – which is well deserved. Gentoo typically takes 1-3 days to complete a full install, and requires more work in maintenance than most other distros.

However, as I developer, I find that it is quite nice.
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Interestingly enough, I recently upgraded to xorg-server 1.5 from 1.3. I removed my xorg file, and it works passably. It’s choice of graphics drivers is a little annoying – I’ve been using radeonhd and getting 3-5000 frames in glxgears. Now I’m getting about 1000, and it pegs my cpu.

However, all functionality on my mouse is auto detected – horizontal and vertical scrolling, backwards and forwards buttons. This means that my previous posts on scrolling are now obsolete – but that is life.
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Well, I recently decided to taste some aloe (vera, not any of the more toxic species). I found it to be quite bitter. However, upon further experimentation, I discovered a few things… but first, I’ll describe the 4 main components, from my perspective.

First off, we have the exterior (just in case you have trouble identifying this, I’ll give you a hint: it’s the green stuff).
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I was recently trying to locate a specific release of Rudolf Buchbinder’s Beethoven Sonatas 1-3, and I chanced upon some interesting downloads on musical analysis. Well, at least I think they’re interesting – unfortunately, my German is only slightly better than my Greek, so I cannot determine exactly how true this is. Fortunately, music notation is pretty standard, and other figures aren’t too hard to analyze.

Regardless, here are a couple of interesting musical links for the musically inclined.

Workbook for Upper-level Music Instruction Volume 1

Workbook for Upper-level Music Instruction Volume 2

(and I hope I did not completely botch the title translation)

Cross platform software can be difficult to debug.  Having a set of virtual machines on hand that can be used for testing can be quite handy.  Here are a few resources I’ve found for pre-made disk images.

VMWare Player images (seems to have much less variety):


Gentoo (didn’t find a VirtualBox image)

VirtualBox images (large variety):

VirtualBoxImages (mainly torrents, large index)

VirtualBox Images (direct download, hosted on sourceforge)

HelpDeskLive (older)

I think that should cover most open-source OSs.

As far as windows goes, one option is to roll your own and save it in its initial state.  If you have access to the MSDN, most OS releases are quite readily available.

My standpoint on Linux vs. Mac vs. Windows: strengths of various operating systems, with Linux being the standard of comparison.

A quote from Facebook:

“I highly recommend MAC – they are fabulous, and things of beauty. And personally, I would stay away from Linux – not the most enjoyable OS to work with. Then again, with all the updating of packages and stuff – that might really appeal to you:)”

Off the top of my head; posted in response

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Here’s a fun little pre-barbershop tune; the original lyrics are a bit out of date, but I think that the revision is excellent.  My mom found it for my quartet back in high school.

Original Lyrics:

1. My moustache is growing, its genial warmth bestowing; its beauty charms the eye of all Broadway. Come forth like a fairy so light and so airy, and ramble o’er my upper lip so gay.

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The Bloomington Caves can be approached from Ivins or Bloomington.  The Ivins path is longer (if you start from St. George proper), but the roads are a bit better.

Update: I’d follow the directions through Ivins on your first time out, but instead of backtracking to return home, try going home through Bloomington (going towards Bloomington the many little forks are much less confusing, as you can see Bloomington in the distance) to get a feel for it.

Update: Tim has kindly provided a highlighted map for the Bloomington approach.

Tim's highlighted map

About the Caves

The Bloomington Caves are the fifth largest caves in Utah, with a length of 1.3 miles.  They are fairly well mapped.  There are some parts of the caves where it is possible to be injured due to long, steep slopes, but it is easy to have fun while avoiding those places. If you feel cautious about safety, I’d choose the north entrance.  However, a map is posted by the south entrance, so you may want to take a look over there just the same.

As an aside; in consideration of everyone, please carry out what you carry in.

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I recently had some problems getting VLC to scale properly with DVDs.  I added the xv flag and that fixed it…

That’s pretty easy, but I didn’t find it anywhere.  Hopefully this will be of some help to some soul like me, but hopefully not the future me.

To state in more general terms; if VLC is compiled with the wrong options, it will not be able to scale dvd video properly.