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I never knew that Arvo Pärt was a modern composer.  His music always made me think of Gorecki, and other such composers… Actually, I just found out that Henryk Gorecki is modern too!

In my defense, I should point out that Pärt composed in two styles.  If you were to hear my mom’s CD you would have a better understanding of my confusion.

Hmm… Ikos really misled me…

My mother has a CD called Ikos.  It has music by John Tavener (the modern), Pärt and Gorecki, interleaved with Plainchant.  It’s an excellent recording, but I never took the time to look at more than the cover.  Now I want to listen to it again, just to see what I missed, or what musical cues I should have picked up on to indicate that I was mistaken in the period.

I should also point out that I first heard this CD before I had any education in music theory.  Of course, even if it were a recent acquisition, it’s possible that I may have been confused.  If you listen to any music by Carlo Gesualdo, you might understand what I mean.  Try listening to a part of O vos omnes (it’s the 2nd track on the 2nd CD).  Incidentally, that CD (The Best of the Renaissance by the Tallis Scholars) is also excellent.

update: As a result of thinking about this, I bought Ikos.  Maybe I should think less?  Nah…