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The other day I attended a private banquet in the Skyroom for grad students, professors, a select few undergrads from the Math Department (and their spouses), and a visiting Professor from UC San Diego, Ronald Graham.  He is rather famous; not only is he a fantastic mathematician, he co-authored “Concrete Mathematics” with Donald Knuth and Oren Patashnik, and is also a fabulous juggler.

The events that led to my inclusion in the event are somewhat peculiar.  More than peculiar, they may be inexplicable.  As those who know me well may know, I am not heavily associated with the Math Department; to date I have taken 1 course in mathematics at BYU; calculus.

A friend of mine (David Wilcox), received an invitation in the mail.  Read More »

To counteract my relative lack of skill with java, I use the smartest IDE I can find; Intellij IDEA. It is really helpful in getting syntax right (and lots of other things, too). Unfortunately, the CS labs do not have it installed, and at 170 MB, I can’t spare enough space to put it on my account.

To solve this problem, I have tried the following solutions:

  • VNC using X11VNC
  • X forwarding using ssh -X (with and without -C)
  • NX

Unfortunately, although my ping time is 6 ms, both VNC and X forwarding are terribly slow. NX has some issues with my ssh configuration, and I have been unable to get it to work properly.

Today I built a little script to solve the lack of this excellent editor. Here is the first iteration: Read More »