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Well, the first article listed in my last SoC post seems to have just what I am after, I just hadn’t read it/didn’t have the necessary background in RETE to understand how close it was to what I was looking for.

It describes an Extended Rete for Mixed Inference (ERMI).  I will find out exactly how clear it is when I actually try to extend the LISA code to work with it.  I’ve still got to get used to the Lisa source.

I’m going to ask my brother about a CV for the authors (they are from the Seoul National University, and he speaks Korean), to try to see what else they have done that relates or that may be of interest.

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Here follows my abstract and proposal. It is unchanged, except for the removal of email addresses and the addition of small dashes to improve formatting.


LISA (Lisp-based Intelligent Software Agents) currently uses an implementation of the Rete algorithm (a many-to-many matching system) as its inference engine.  The Rete algorithm has excellent performance for certain applications, such as deductive databases and production systems.  However, in many situations its many-to-many matching is overkill.

Implementing backward chaining in LISA will provide a system of one-to-many matching, allowing LISA to be efficiently used for logic programming.

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